Accommodation service

  • Ground floor cottage adapted for the physically or visually handicapped.
  • Capacity for 7 guests (to a maximum of 9).
  • Fully-equipped kitchen and dining area with fireplace, TV, and washing machine.
  • Bathroom with towels.
  • 1 bedroom with double bed.
  • 1 quadruple bedroom.
  • 1 bedroom with a bunk bed.
  • All linen provided.
    • Natural, drinkable water source, table and outdoor benches. In the evening, the garden can be lit for eating outside.
    • Parking lot.
    • Central heating with thermostat.
    • Cell phone coverage.
    • Access to forest, plains and river (property of 14 hectares).
    • Playground with swimming pool.
    • Free baby bed, baby buggy and baby chair.
    • Pets are allowed.
    1. Living room/Dining room 2. Kitchen 3. Bedroom 1 4. Bedroom 2 5 Pantry/Boiler 6. Bedroom 7. Bathroom

    You will find all other amenities in the village of Sant LLorenç de Morunys, less than 3 kilometers away, and in the city of Solsona where you will find shops, a chemist, a petrol station, medical services, restaurants, museum, church.


    Our great-grandparents, Miquel Selga and Ventura Pons, moved into the old Cal Saragossa house in 1892. The new house at Cal Saragossa's was built in 1916 when their son Josep Selga Pujol married Maria Pey Xandri. The paternal grandparents moved from the old house into the new house with the young couple and the old house was then converted into a sty with a porch. Where there is now a newly renovated house there once stood a hut used by the grandparents to keep their tools for farming and herding. There was also a natural water source for the animals and plants.

    Josep and Maria had three daughters, Maria, Nati and Angels, and a son, Joan. At that time they lived without electricity and travelled by donkey to fetch water from the spring, la font Fresca, where you can still find drinkable water. They had rabbits, chickens, goats, two pigs and two donkeys. They farmed the land without the help of machinery: the traditional farming equipment that they used is still kept in the old house. They gathered vegetables from the fields for themselves and they used the wheat to make bread, cookies and cakes. The old oven can still be found in the old house.

    They lived through the Spanish Civil War at Cal Saragossa. In 1939, grandfather Josep fled to France for several months, as he was afraid Franco's national troupes would catch him. After the war, in 1942, the bandit Massana and the makis crossed this area and sacked some of the surrounding houses.

    The family lived in Cal Saragossa until 1953. Mountain life was very harsh. It was almost impossible to stay there with only two men in the family, which is why they had to leave.

    Today Joan's children, the 4th generation, Jordi, Montse and Anna run this house.